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Which enemies spawn the most frequently in U33? (it's still Glyphid Grunts)

Hey everybody, it's another "numbers and data" post from MeatShield. I finally finished collecting data about enemy spawn probabilities in Update 33: New Frontiers, clocking in a little over 50 hours of playtime and 36,019 total kills in the Miner's Manual since Thursday the 4th. All of this was done...


Analytics of U32 Loadouts

I got some positive feedback about U31's Analytics post, so I decided to make it a tradition to make this kind of blog post every time a major patch comes out.

918 loadouts were either created or edited between Updates 32 and 33. That data set is almost double...


All the other new stuff in U33

This is the third and final blog post about all the new content coming out in Update 33: New Frontiers. Because the first one covered the two new biomes and the second one covered the new Dreadnoughts, this one will be the rest of the miscellanous stuff that got changed...