S05 Tooltips are Partially Loaded

1 month ago

Hey folks, MeatShield here. Short post.

I've been hard at work toinght updating Karl.gg with the 13 new Overclocks added/reworked in S05: Drilling Deeper. Unfortunately, I ran into a technical issue that I wasn't prepared for. Right now the database behind the website only has seven OC slots available for each weapon, and four of the Primary Weapons already have seven. So, I was able to load 9/13 OCs' new stats tonight:

  1. Flamethrower: Scorching Tide
  2. Cryo Cannon: Crystal Nucleation
  3. Sludge Pump: Combustive Goo Mix
  4. Warthog: Pump Action
  5. SMG: Hyperalloy Assembly
  6. SMG: Micro-Conductor Add-On (reworked "Turret Arc")
  7. Lok-1: SMRT Trigger OS
  8. Autocannon: Mortar Rounds
  9. M1000: Marked for Death

For the other four new OCs, I am currently unable to load them as tooltips. To tide you over for now, here are the names and stats:

Minigun: Rotary Overdrive

Balanced OC

  • +6 Rate of Fire
  • Press Reload to use a charge of Coolant, which can either bring you out of Overheat early or reduce the current Heat level of the gun by -2.5 (of a max of 9.5; effectively -26.316%)
  • 12 charges of Coolant, get restocked by Resupplies (like Crossbow's Special Bolts)
  • +75% Heat Generation rate

Hurricane: Cluster Charges

Unstable OC

  • x2 Direct Damage
  • x2 Radial Damage
  • Hold Reload for 0.1 seconds to detonate the cluster, dropping 10 fragments. Each fragment does 9 Radial Damage, and receives the +4 Radial Damage from T4.B. At the end of XP, the fragments were incorrectly benefitting from the x2 Radial Damage and doing more damage than intended. Not certain if that's fixed now or not.
  • -1 Rate of Fire
  • x0.5 Magazine Size
  • x0.5 Max Ammo
  • x0.5 Starting Velocity
  • x0.5 Max Velocity

GK2: Burst Fire

Balanced OC

  • Disables automatic fire, and changes the GK2 to fire in 3-round bursts at ~20 RoF.
  • +2 Damage
  • x1.115 Magazine Size
  • +10% Weakpoint Stun Chance
  • x0.3 Rate of Fire

Drak25: Conductive Thermals

Balanced OC

  • Any time this hits an enemy (ignores all Armor), it inflicts two Status Effects. The first one can stack up to 20 times, and each stack increases the Fire-element, Frost-element, and Electric-element damage taken by the target by +5%, up to a max of +100%. The second one can stack up to 30 times, and each stack multiplies the target's Ignite temperature, Douse temperature, Freeze temperature, and Unfreeze temperature by x0.95, up to a max of x0.21464.
  • Those Status Effects artifically changes Glyphid Dreadnought's Ignite temperatures down from 1000 to 100, so that they can be ignited! Volatile Bullets, away!
  • LazyMaybe informed me that these stacks get double-applied when T4.B's radial damage hits the target, so you can get max stacks with only 15 shots that way.
  • -3 Damage
  • +36.67% Heat per Shot

Once the technical hiccup is resolved, then I'll finish loading the four new OCs as part of the builder (probably over the weekend).

Enjoy Season 05, and R&S!  -MS