S04 Patch 0 Weapon Balance changes have been loaded!

1 year ago

Hey everyone, just a short announcement post. As of 0200 UTC 2023-06-16 (when this blog post goes live) the weapon changes to Subata and the various Overclocks have been successfully loaded into Karl.gg, and we incremented our database to use the new update number! Obviously, if more weapon changes happen in the next couple of weeks I'll do my best to update the site for those, too.

I've added/updated the costs of the new Mods/OCs to the best of my ability, but there's a known bug that Subata T5.C "Neuro-Corrosive Toxic Catalyst" doesn't have an in-game cost yet. As such, it's "free" in the builder here too. Also, the moved Reload Mod on T3.C might need to have its cost updated...

I do not yet know the bonus given by Drak-25 OC "Shield Battery Booster" that makes the player's shield regen delay a lot faster, but once I do I'll update that tooltip too.

Other than that, enjoy the new update and start updating your builds! If you see something wrong, the best way to get it fixed is to join the DRG Community Tools Discord Server, and message in the #bug-reports channel.

Rock & Stone