Welcome to Karl.gg Builder 2.0

2 years ago

Hello miners! Andrew here with a long-awaited product update for the Karl builder. We hope the new DRG update is finding you well, and we know you all have been eager to start sharing your builds!

We are releasing some updates today that will allow for the latest weapons to be enabled and (we hope) improve the overall building experience

New Release Highlights

Builder 2.0:

Walkthrough Video

  • Implemented all the new weapons, mods & OCs from the latest patch
  • Completely refactored the existing builder, with the hope of improving performance, UX, and enabling easier feature release in the future
    • You now build each of your loadout components in dedicated "builder experiences"
    • Improved frontend architecture so we can easily add perks, throwables, etc. in the future
    • Added Advanced Statistics to all weapons, courtesy of @MeatShield
  • Improved the Preview Page performance & architecture


  • Fixed a few bugs users have reported along the way
  • Removed ads, thanks to an amazing community sponsor!

It was a lot of work, but we hope you enjoy this new experience. Of course we expect the various bugs to make it through, so please don't hesitate to reach out. You can always ping us on our Discord and you can also feel free to submit issues on our GitHub.

We hope you enjoy, and we look forward to seeing the amazing loadouts you make!

Rock and Stone!


The Karl.GG Team