Update regarding our U35 timeline

2 years ago

Hey everyone, MeatShield here. Today's blog post is more of an "announcement" to communicate with everyone who uses this website or the DPS Calculator. Here's what you need to know:

We will add the new U35 weapons, but not by Nov 4th.

Speaking for myself first: I've only had nine days to parse through and test the mechanics of the new weapons. In contrast, it took me close to nine months to do the first 16 weapons. At the time of writing this announcement, I've finished the LOK-1 Smart Rifle and the Drak-25 Plasma Carbine, I'm about halfway through the "Hurricane" Guided Rocket System, and haven't even started on the Corrosive Sludge Pump. When I finish all four weapons, then I'll release the U35 update for the DPS Calculator.

Next, from the Karl.gg devs: Andrew and Rawrocopter have been hard at work for the past few months on a major refactor of how this website's Loadout Builder works. The original goal was to have that refactor done and published before U35 arrived, but obviously it hasn't worked out that way. We've talked it over a bit, and decided that we're going to follow GSG's example: delay new features instead of putting in crunch hours. Once that builder refactor is finished, then we'll be able to add the new weapons much faster and easier than our current setup.

So, the current goal is to get both DPS Calculator and the Karl.gg builder refactor done sometime over the weekend and then add the new U35 weapons then. We decided it's better to be transparent in our communications about what's happening in the background rather than just leaving everyone in the dark with no new content on our community tools tomorrow.

What happens after the new content is added?

If we're all able to get our work done this weekend, and we successfully add the U35 weapons, then I'll get to work on writing up U34's pickrate blog post. I've also had a partially-written blog post on the back burner for a few weeks, and I was also thinking about writing up a post about the new mission type added in U35. So, there should be a burst of blog posts to read in conjunction with all of the new in-game content.

As U35 Hotfixes get pushed out and any weapon balance changes get made, I'll do my best to update Karl.gg day-to-day and then push out another DPS Calculator version with the final numbers after they stop the Hotfixes.

Update, Nov 12th:

I just published an alpha release of the DPS Calculator with the new weapons and their info. It's very un-polished, and there are even a couple of things that are unfinished, but if you're desperate to get a look at how the new weapons work "under the hood" then it should satisfy your cravings for a while.

The Karl.gg Builder refactor is going through some QA testing over the weekend, but still no timeline about when it will be deployed. Whenever it is, I should have the Mod and OC descriptions ready and the ASV table pre-made so the new U35 weapons will be added very shortly after the refactor.

Thanks for reading this quick announcement. Enjoy the new update tomorrow, and expect that Karl.gg and the DPS Calculator will be updated in the near future (but not tomorrow).