Which enemies spawn the most frequently in U33? (it's still Glyphid Grunts)

5 months ago

Hey everybody, it's another "numbers and data" post from MeatShield. I finally finished collecting data about enemy spawn probabilities in Update 33: New Frontiers, clocking in a little over 50 hours of playtime and 36,019 total kills in the Miner's Manual since Thursday the 4th. All of this was done on either Hazard 4 or Hazard 5, using only vanilla DRG -- no mods, no cheats. I had to do this in order to update my DPS Calculator's "spawn probability vector" (originally created U31) with the new Mactera Tri-Jaw and Mactera Brundle stats, but I noticed some results that other people might find interesting.

Notable differences between U31 and U33 spawn probabilities

Enemies that are appearing significantly more often

  • Grunts rose from 41.91% of kills to 46.61%.
  • Guards rose from 4.58% to 5.4%
  • Slashers rose from 4.56% to 5.84%
  • Web Spitters rose from 2.06% to 2.96%

Also worth noting that Bulk Detonators, Spitball Infectors, and Cave Leeches each had a small increase, but there's not enough data to indicate a significant change.

Enemies that are appearing significantly less often

  • Swarmers fell from 31.16% of kills to 25.04%
  • Exploders fell from 6.29% to 3.9%

Across the board, all of the "special spawn" enemies that vary from mission to mission seem to have had a decrease. Wardens, Menaces, Goo Bombers, Grabbers, and Shellbacks are all spawning less often than they were in U31, but once again there's not enough data to confidently say there's been a significant change.

Miscellaneous Observations

It's interesting -- I've heard a lot of people asking if Glyphid Swarmers have been spawning more frequently since U32 came out. The data gathered in U33 would seem to indicate that the opposite is true. Perhaps when they do spawn they appear in greater numbers, but overall there seem to be less of them.

At higher Hazard levels, every Praetorian that spawns has around a 1/6 chance to promote to an Oppressor, and it's cool to see the data reflect that: Praetorians have a 2% chance to spawn, and Oppressors are at 0.33%.

I noticed that Web Spitters seem to be spawning in greater numbers at once ever since U32 arrived, typically 6-10 in a group. It's interesting to see the corresponding 44% increase in spawn probability as a result. Similarly, it's quite fascinating to me how Web Spitters spawn at almost 3x the rate that Acid Spitters do which quite perfectly mirrors how Acid Spitters have 3x the health of a Web Spitter.

It may be personal bias, but it feels like Bulk Detonators' spawn rates have increased by more than the 13% that the data indicates. I'm going to chalk it up to every Bulk Detonator having a much larger impact on the gameplay than any of its competitors, so even a couple more gets perceived as a massive change.

When this experiment was performed in U31, I had 5 other players get their numbers to me for around 153,000 total kills so I'm less confident in these results (one fifth of the data size). I just wanted to get it done and didn't want to ask other people to get 15,000 Grunt kills in vanilla Haz4/5 like I did, since it took me a little over 50 hours.

Enemies that have similar spawn probabilities, but seem like they don't

  • Glyphid Acid Spitters and Mactera Tri-Jaws
  • Glyphid Wardens and Mactera Grabbers
  • Glyphid Menaces, Brood Nexuses, and Q'ronar Shellbacks

Raw data

For my program, I only pay attention to enemies that are not eliminated by these guidelines:

  1. No biome-specific enemies (like Nayaka Trawler or Q'ronar Younglings). Any biome-specific variant of a common enemy had its kills added to the regular common enemy.
  2. No "hatchling"-type enemies (like Glyphid Spawn from a Brood Nexus, Naedocyte Hatchlings from a Naedocyte Breeder, or Parasites)
  3. No "miniboss"-type enemies (like BET-C, Korlok Tyrant-Weed, or any of the Dreadnoughts)
  4. No passive creatures (Lootbugs, Silicate Harvesters, Huuli Hoarders, etc)

Functionally, that means I'm tracking only 23 enemy types for this data. By choosing to ignore biome-specific enemies and variants, it makes this data more universal instead of dependent on what biomes a player prefers to do missions in, or what biomes the weekly Assignments send them to. As a result of paring down the enemy types that I care about, only 33,606 kills of the original 36,019 will still be relevant.

Comparison of Spawn Probabilities between U31 and U33
Creature Name Update 31 Update 33
Glyphid Swarmer 31.1598275% 25.03719574%
Glyphid Grunt 41.90277052% 46.61369993%
Glyphid Guard 4.57723471% 5.400821282%
Glyphid Slasher 4.558285416% 5.838243171%
Glyphid Warden 0.3110297961% 0.2082961376%
Glyphid Praetorian 1.902770518% 2.074034399%
Glyphid Oppressor 0.2763983272% 0.330298161%
Glyphid Acid Spitter 1.256534239% 1.276557758%
Glyphid Web Spitter 2.062859383% 2.963756472%
Glyphid Menace 0.2430737062% 0.157709932%
Glyphid Exploder 6.29312598% 3.895137773%
Glyphid Bulk Detonator 0.1078149503% 0.1220020234%
Glyphid Crassus Detonator 0.00457396759% 0.002975659108%
Glyphid Brood Nexus 0.1731573445% 0.1666369101%
Mactera Spawn 3.056717198% 2.550139856%
Mactera Brundle   0.3124442064%
Mactera Tri-Jaw   1.282509076%
Mactera Goo Bomber 0.825927862% 0.5088377076%
Mactera Grabber 0.3005750131% 0.1934178421%
Naedocyte Breeder 0.06926293779% 0.0684401595%
Q'ronar Shellback 0.2084422373% 0.1755638874%
Spitball Infector 0.3149503398% 0.3660060703%
Cave Leech 0.3946680606% 0.4552758436%